International Business

IFIN over a period of time has a developed a strong platform for syndication of debt and equity in the domestic financial markets. Today IFIN is recognized as one of the major players in the project syndication market with a niche carved out in the Infrastructure segment

IFIN already enjoys strong relationships with Multinational Banks, Multilateral Agencies and Export Credit Agencies having presence in India

To take this forward and as a part of our overall strategy of being a one-stop shop for our clients, IFIN took the first step by opening an office in Singapore in April 2008. This was followed up with opening of an office in London in January 2009. Experienced professionals are managing the above offices

The international offices shall function as a hub for expanding the already robust network of relationships with banks, financial institution, private equity funds, hedge funds, multilateral agencies, export credit agencies (ECA) etc. The bouquet of products and functions of the international division will include the following:
  • Structuring and arranging of project finance
  • Advising and arranging of private equity
  • Identifying M&A targets
  • Arranging structured debt, asset based financing, acquisition financing etc
  • Facilitating and coordinating legal documentation

The Company has incorporated two international subsidiaries one at Singapore and another at United Kingdom to undertake international mandates. The profile of international entities are given below

IL&FS Global Financial Services UK Ltd - London

The subsidiary Company incorporated at London is IL&FS Global Financial Services (UK) Limited the company was incorporated on February 25, 2009. London being an International Financial Market which plays host to many banks, funds, financial institutions and High Net Worth Individuals. The subsidiary Company at UK undertakes the business activities of advisory and arrangers. The Company has commenced its operation and is regulated and authorized by Financial Conduct Authority at United Kingdom.
The operations are managed by Mr. Vimal Jain from London; you may reach him at

IL&FS Global Financial Services ME Ltd - Dubai

IL&FS Global Financial Services (ME) Limited, a 100% subsidiary of IFIN, commenced operations on May 16, 2011. The Dubai office has been established to create a foot print into Middle Eastern and African countries. Dubai, on account of it's unique location, has developed into a convenient hub for companies seeking to foray into Middle Eastern and African countries. The Dubai office is regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and is licensed to undertake advisory services encompassing Syndication activities, ECA backed financing, Shariah based financial products, Private Equity syndication, M&A activities and Project and Infrastructure Advisory services Dubai office will target Indian companies looking to foray into Middle East and Africa, support IL&FS Group companies in identifying investment opportunities in the infra space and work with local UAE based companies in meet their funding requirements.
The operations are managed by Mr. Murugan Sankaran from Dubai; you may contact him at

IL&FS Global Financial Services HK Ltd - Hong Kong

IL&FS Global Financial Services (HK) Limited commenced operations in June, 2012. The Hong Kong office has been set up to develop and increase business activities in the Greater China, North and East Asian regions and evaluate opportunities for possible investments in infrastructure space. Subject to receiving appropriate regulatory approvals, the office will principally engage in advising its clients on loans and securities and engage in raising funds for its clients from the loan and the capital markets through loan syndications, bond issuances, private equity, etc. routes.
The operations are managed by Ms Kate Kwan from Hong Kong; you may reach her at