Mr Rajesh Kotian is a Chartered Accountant, qualified from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Bachelor of Commerce, from the University of Mumbai. Currently, he is responsible for the Debt Structuring and Distribution arm of the Company

Mr Kotian has more than 24 years of experience in the financial services sector, which he commenced in the Finance division of WIMCO Ltd. At WIMCO, he was responsible for treasury activities, relating to cash flow management, bills discounting, and management of loans, leases and working capital. Mr Kotian moved to The Bombay Oil Industries Ltd in 1992. In the Finance function, he oversaw the corporate functions relating to resource mobilization, accounting and systems

Mr Kotian's supervisory responsibilities include business development, structuring and execution of mandates for achievement of profit targets. Since May 2005 his primary responsibility while heading the Project Syndication Group has been to raise debt for various projects of the IL&FS Group and other third party clients from domestic as well as international sources. This Project Syndication Group is responsible for raising debt and related products for projects sponsored by IL&FS, as well as for its Corporate clients. In the past few years, the Project Syndication Group has grown significantly, both in terms of volume of delivery and spectrum of projects handled

Mr Kotian joined the IL&FS Group in 1994 as Assistant Manager - MIS and Budgets. Since then, his experience in the IL&FS Group has encompassed Financial Accounting & MIS, Operations, Treasury and Liability Management. He was also Head of Resources, in charge of the Liability profile, across domestic and international lenders for IL&FS